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in the Business Lounge on deck. Here you can stop by easily and enjoy fresh salads or meatball. Sandwiches, salads, cake slices, flexible pricing depending on availability. In Sitting

Lounge, on deck 9, and on deck 8 lockers for luggage, price 4 / big 2 / small. All cabins are equipped with own shower and toilet. The restaurant's priority is to offer food made with high quality fresh ingredients to guarantee a delicious meal. Our versatile á la carte menu offers something for everyone. Café is located slemhosta on the deck. Business Lounge is located on deck. The shop is opened from morning before the first departure till evening until the last trip is done, also during port stays. The restaurant is located on deck. Playroom, childrens playroom is located in the front part of deck 9, just before Delight Buffet. It is possible to borrow a wheelchair from the information desk, which can be used only in areas jordterminalen of the vessel during the whole trip. Takook AT 360 view OF traveller superstore.

Read more, star Comfort Lounge is an economical way to travel with more comfort and service than in Star Class 2 bags shopping bags jacket. For handicapped people we offer a Bclass cabin. Ll find the most recent trends. HelsinkiTallinn route has flexible pricing depending on availability. Onboard experience at Star, is approximately 16 hours and the ferries arrive to its destination the following morning. Fashionable and classic accessories from wellknown brands.

Tallink Shuttle, star operates between, helsinki and, tallinn all year round in just two hours.Due to our great schedules we offer just the right amount of time you need to visit.Tallink Shuttle is the fastest way to travel between.

Note that connection quality may vary as the connection goes through satellite Embarkation Embarkation from deck. Tallinn has several big department stores and shopping centers. Enjoy sandwiches, salads, s Buffetrestaurant is located on deck 8 in the front part of the ship. Snack time Café Snack Time is located on deck. S other lounges, rooms are supplied with TV, flipchart. The röd worldfamous burger king restaurant on board of Megastar is situated on 8th deck of the ferry. Burger king restaurant, drinks and warm dishes, takook AT 360 view OF comfort lounge book book Business Lounge Business Lounge is a quiet and classy area for business travellers. Starapos, takook AT 360 view OF coffee. The menu of restaurant has something for everybodys taste.

This is also where the collection game Collect and Save prizes are displayed and sold.Victory Bar, classical pub named Victory Bar offers different pub products and beverages, warm sandwiches and cold snacks.


Megastar - Tallink Silja Line

Takook AT 360 view OF sitting lounge book book Comfort Lounge Comfort Lounge is a comfortable separate area with extra services, including a choice of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, newspapers, TV, wifi and power outlet.Here you can find newspapers, Helsinki and Tallinn city maps etc.There are luggage lockers as well.